In 2017, the company won the Innomoto competition (NCBiR). It received support of nearly EUR 1.1 million for research and development activities.

The research and development capabilities of FSE, demonstrated in the development of the FSE One electric passenger car, are scalable for commercial vehicles.

On this basis, the FSE Project was awarded:

• The highest note for a project related to electric transport,
• Positive assessments of Polish and foreign experts,
• Positive recommendation for granting funds for
the proposed business and development model.

Sector program "INNOMOTO", Measure 1.2 "Sectoral R & D programs"

Project goals:
Introduction of ecological transport solutions in urbanized space. Creation of a comprehensive offer of vehicles for transporting goods with electric drive.

Planned effects:
Creation of a comprehensive offer of electric vehicles using EMS (Energy Management System)

Value of the project: PLN 6 663 530.45
Contribution of European Funds: PLN 4,496,999.48